Coming Back

Second Coming Prophecy Conference

Epping Gospel Chapel

9 November, 2019


Ron Jarlett; Paul Cohen; Peter Jackson and Greg Willis.

Downloads: Conference Notebook

"Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints" Jude 14.

Ever wondered exactly what the Lord is going to do when He returns?

Following the Rapture and the Tribulation period, the Lord Jesus Christ will return to Earth to set up His Millennial Kingdom.

Session 1

When Heaven Invades Earth

Presented By: Ron Jarlett - Principal of the Western Sydney Bible School.

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Session 2

The Messianic Kingdom

Presented By: Paul Cohen - Celebrate Messiah.

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Session 3

Why Sacrifices in the Millennium?

Presented By: Peter Jackson - Herald of Hope.

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Session 4

The Great Rebellion followed by ETERNITY

Presented By: Greg Willis - Time Line Ministries.

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