About Us

Awake to Israel was started by believers within the Christian Brethren Assemblies across Sydney with a special burden in meeting together to uphold, study, and defend the literal interpretation of the scriptures from a Pre-millenial and Pre-tribulational position concerning God's sovereign plans and purposes for both Israel and the Church and related Bible Prophecy doctrines by facilitating gifted and respected Bible teachers to come and encourage us in these wonderful truths.

We believe God's plan for History demands a consistent distinction between Israel and the Church which includes an ongoing plan for Israel based on His promises and unconditional covenants made with them.

It is our firm conviction the supreme focus of the scriptures is in the Glory of God, and the thoughts of God are upon the Glory of the Lord Jesus and the fulfilment of His unfailing word concerning both Israel and the Church which will culminate at His Glorious Appearing when the Lord Jesus sets up His Millennial Kingdom on earth and reigns from David's throne in Jerusalem.

Out of a desire and burden to uphold God's word and to bless Israel and the Jewish people in this age of Grace, a natural progression also developed in the ministry where we actively seek to be involved in and help facilitate evangelism and discipleship of Jewish people with the Gospel message here in Sydney, and to help support the believers and Assemblies in Israel in any way we can.

It is our privilege to serve the Lord in this way and we pray that He will receive all Honour and Glory through this ministry, and that you too may be blessed as we endeavour to uphold the truths of His word and give it pre-eminence in all that we do and say while trusting Him for all our needs, with an ever present expectation of His soon return...even so, come, Lord Jesus.

We meet monthly at Epping Gospel Chapel on the second Saturday of the month between February and November at 2:30pm. Everyone who has a love for God's word and a heart for Israel and the Jewish people is welcome and encouraged to come and together search the scriptures.

In Memory Of ...

We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and remember our dear brother and friend Mr John Odell who is now with the Lord, who's vision, dedication and love of God's word particularly concerning Israel and Bible prophecy was foundational to the establishment of Awake to Israel.