Why Bible Prophecy is Important

The following are 11 reasons why Bible Prophecy is Important

  1. Prophecy is a major part of Divine Revelation.
  2. God promises a special blessing to those who study and pay attention to prophecy.
  3. Jesus Christ is the subject of prophecy.
  4. Prophecy gives us a proper perspective in life.
  5. Prophecy helps us understand the whole Bible.
  6. Prophecy can and should be used as a tool for evangelism.
  7. Prophecy can help insulate people from heresy.
  8. Prophecy helps us understand our world today.
  9. Prophecy reveals the Sovereignty of God over time and history.
  10. Prophecy proves the Truth of God's Word.
  11. Prophecy challenges us to a Holy Life and to be Ready.

(Points 1 through 10 are from the "Complete Book of Bible Prophecy" by Mark Hitchcock. Point 11 courtesy of Ron Jarlett.)