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As with all things each person should emulate the believers at Berea who "examined the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so (Acts 17:11 [HCSB]).

Israeli Newspapers (English)
Israel Today Arutz Sheva (Israel National News)
The Times of Israel i24 News
Haaretz The Jerusalem Post
Israel Herald Daily Alerts from Israel
Ynet News Israel Daily
Palestine Chronicle KOL - ISRAEL
Newspapers of the World
Drudge Report Koenig's News
People's Daily Globes Israel's Business Arena
Reuters International New York Times
Turkish Daily News World Net Daily
BBC News CNET News
Los Angeles Times National Public Radio
Emet Online USA Today
Front Page Magazine Emet News
Australian Newspapers
Sydney Morning Herald The Daily Telegraph
The Australian Google News Australia
Australian Jewish News  
Analysis of Current Events
DEBKAfile Stratfor Global Intelligence
The Meir Amit Intell & Terrorism Info Center Northeast Intelligence Network
Raiders Center for Security Policy
News With Views David Dolan
The Word On Politics
Analysis of the News
CAMERA Honest Reporting
IMRA - Middle East News and Analysis Israel Insider
End Times Websites
Rapture Ready Apocalypse soon
Eternal Value Review Prophecy News Watch
Prophecy Update The Omega Letter
Assist Ministries
Jewish Ministries
Ariel Ministries The Friends of Israel
Jews for Jesus Australia Christians For ISRAEL
Grace Evangelical Society United with Israel
Koinonia House Olive Tree Ministries
David's Tent Manna International
Natural Events
Australian Bureau of Meteorology US National Hurricane Center
Space Weather Geophysical Institute of Israel
USGS Earthquakes Joint Typhoon Warning Center
Tozer Devotional Daily Dose of Spurgeon
Our Daily Bread Crosswalk
Bible Study Resources
Pre-Trib Research Center Spirit and Truth
Bible History Online The Berean Call
Bible Gateway Bible Truths
Lighthouse Trails Research Project Defend and Proclaim
AMG Publishers Bible One
Stem Publishing The End Times Bible Prophecy Resource
Confidence in the Word Israel's Story in Maps
Bible Centre Darby Bible Online
The Word Bible Software Theophilos Bible Software
Balfour Books BEST Ministries
Video Sites
One For Israel Five Alive
I Met Messiah Andy Woods - YouTube
The Temple Institute Judaism - The Jewish Website
Our Jerusalem Sugar Land Bible Church